Brighten Up My Day Terms & Conditions Agreement

These terms and conditions (the "Terms") apply when you access the website or Brighten Up My Day web application (collectively the "Websites") and any subsequent use of the Websites or purchasing of products via the Websites.

References using "We"/"Us"/"Our" in these Terms refer to Brighten Up My Day and any statement including "You"/"Your" means when a person (the “User”):

Accessing this Websites, using Our wishlist service or purchasing from wishlists via the Websites means you agree to be bound by these Terms.

We may amend the 'Terms' at any time for reasons deemed reasonable at that time and without notice. Each revision or revised Terms will be posted accordingly to the Websites and as such will be effective immediately from time of posting. You agree that continued use of the site after the posting of each or any revision constitutes your acceptance of the revised Terms.

Brighten Up My Day Service

We provide a service to purchase and send goods from third party sites on behalf customers, We allow items to be purchased, sent and received whilst ensuring anonymity and discretion to both the Purchaser and Receiver.

As with any purchases made from companies who ship from outside the UK extra taxes may be incurred on delivery.

We only allow retailers who accept / use UK billing so please be aware of this when adding items to wishlists.

Brighten Up My Day is in no way responsible for the quality of the goods purchased from third party websites or the time required for process and dispatch, We are not a delivery or warehouse service.

All parcels are sent Signed For / Recorded Delivery or via Courier. The safety / security of parcels once delivered is not the responsibility of Brighten Up My Day – letterboxes, mail pigeon holes, designated safe place for deliveries etc You accept and understand that once dispatched and delivered the process has been completed by Us as per Our Terms and Conditions and contractual obligation.


Register Your Details

Registration is required for You to set up Your wishlist. It is necessary for You to provide up to date, concise and accurate information for Your wishlist items to be delivered accordingly.

You can change/edit your details at any time and as necessary in your account dashboard.

Please make sure Your information is maintained and applicable at all times.

Upon registering You will be asked to create a username and password. You must keep your password confidential and not disclose it or share it with anyone. You will be responsible for all activity that occurs through use of Your login details.

If You forget Your password you can request password recovery using the ‘Recover Password' option at the top right of the login page.

Implementing Your Wishlist

If the AUTO button does not fill out all the fields for your items it is very IMPORTANT to include the following information in the correct fields:

As the Wishlist Owner, You are responsible for ensuring the items listed are available to be shipped to Your country and that they accept UK billing.

Your Gift Orders

Any items purchased from Your wishlist will be shown as such in Your account dashboard and You will be automatically informed that a gift is on it's way to You.

Brighten Up My Day will then process Your item order.

In the event of incomplete wishlist item details we may attempt to contact you regarding item details or you may be sent the default item from the stated site.

All orders will be attempted to be processed, shipped and received in a timely manner. Please be aware that We have our own processing time along with the retailers and shipping times may vary. Once your item has been shipped You will receive an email update.

The item will then be shown as 'dispatched'. Standard signed for delivery or courier applies on all items.

In the event of an item being out of stock and not being replenished or has been discontinued then You will be informed and the Purchaser will be refunded the full amount including any surcharges for using the service.

If You receive an item that is unsuitable, not as described, wrong color/size/style, damaged in transit or for any other reason need to make a query then please contact the retailer.

Please inform Brighten Up My Day immediately if You have returned an item unless it is a simple exchange of goods. It is imperative that You provide the correct details pertaining to any returns and You will be asked to provide proof of postage. If an item has been returned We will provide the Purchaser with a full refund including any surcharges for using the service.

Wishlist Product Pricing

All product / item prices are set by third party sites and retailers, not

Please note that not all prices are final, customers or recipients are liable for all shipping, taxes, duties & fees associated with their order at any time during the purchasing process up until You receive (and sometimes after) the product or item in question.

Items can only be added in one currency of British Pounds Sterling (£ GBP) – You will need to use a currency converter if the currency is anything other than that stated. We will issue you back the difference if a refund is apparent after paying all costs including shipping and fees.


Wishlist Ordering

You may wish to register an account on Our website which will make it easier and more convenient for future purchases especially if you are a regular User of the service.

Orders made via Our online wishlist service is indicative of Your acceptance that You have entered into a contract with Us to buy the products you select from the relevant website.

All orders are subject to availability and must meet Our Terms and Conditions.

An email acknowledgement will sent after Your order has been placed. This will be followed up with another email to confirm that Your order has been processed. You will know that the item you have ordered is ready for dispatch once you receive the second email from Us.

We do NOT offer any parcel tracking or delivery information due to the fact it may contain sensitive personal details relating to the Reciever of any gifts.

In the event of an item being out of stock and not being replenished or has been discontinued then You will be informed and You will be refunded the full amount including any surcharges for using the service.

No cancellation or refunds - We reserve the right to refuse any orders on the basis they do not meet Our Terms and Conditions or if We are unable to authorise payments.

Please note that not all prices are final, customers or recipients are liable for all shipping, taxes, duties & fees associated with their order at any time during the purchasing process up until the Wishlist Owner receives (and sometimes after) the product or item in question.

Our Fees

Brighten Up My Day charges a surcharge/fee for our service in addition to the price of the item or product being ordered; All purchases subject to 12.5% plus whatever the purchase price is.

Postage and packing is charged at a flat rate of £6.99.

Communications & Content

Brighten Up My Day has no obligation in monitoring all communications or content created on the Websites by Our Users but We do reserve the right to remove content at any time without prior notice and for any reason.

The views and opinions expressed on social media, other technological platforms and email communications do not reflect the views and opinions of Brighten Up My Day. In particular, no User of the site, employee or contractor is permitted to send:

We reserve the right to block or remove any communications, posts or content that are a direct infringement of the above.

If you have any reason to believe a contributor, User, employee or is engaged in improper conduct or is in violation of these Terms then please inform us immediately.


Brighten Up My Day will not be liable or accountable for any loss, damage or expense of any nature resulting directly or indirectly from lost, undelivered, damaged deliveries or import taxes.

Privacy Policy

Anyone setting up an account / registering on the Websites or placing orders will be asked to provide personal details including sensitive data such as name, address, billing information and so on.

Your card details are not privy to and are never shared with or sold to any third parties, to be used solely for the purchase of items from the Websites.

We may request further information for authentication or identity checks.

We do not sell your personal information on to any third party marketing companies or services.


We currently accept payment via all major credit & debit cards.

We take care and measurements to make our site secure as possible.

All credit/debit card transactions are processed using a secure payment gateway.

Sometimes accounts or orders may be subject to further verification to ensure orders can be completed.

Although we take reasonable action and endeavour to keep your details secure, We cannot be held liable for any loss You may experience if any third party has unauthorised procurement or accessibility to any personal or sensitive data when accessing / using the Websites.

Unavailable Sites

Please note there are some sites which are not compatible / not allowed with the Brighten Up My Day service.

These sites include auction sites and those that are incompatible (e.g. eBay – unless it is a ‘Buy It Now' item).

NO illegal or banned substances are permitted.

Copyright & Trademark Infringement

“Brighten Up My Day“ and it's associated logo are a registered Trademark., its contents and all Rights therein are individually owned.

Misuse, misrepresentation or imitation of any content, design, trademarks or other intellectual property or direct disregard of such Rights will result in legal proceedings.

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Complaints & Feedback

All enquiries, complaints or comments can be directed to

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